Innovative filler product

OUTLINE is a new and innovative filler product from France.

It is innovative both in the results it provides and the way it works with the skin. With OUTLINE the results last, are predictable and safe, and are rooted in ethical medical practice.

OUTLINE Ultra is for deep folds, such as the nose to mouth area, and lasts for approximately five years in the tissues.

OUTLINE Original can be used for deep lines and folds such as nose to mouth lines, heavier forehead lines and chin lines. It is also used to enhance lips and treat lipstick lines. OUTLINE Original lasts for approximately two years in the tissues.


OUTLINE is a long-lasting filler. Whilst most other fillers only last for up to six months, the effects of OUTLINE can last for up to one, two or even five years depending on the type used and the area treated.


OUTLINE is created from absorbable Polyacrylamide gel in a sterile surgical facility by ProCytech SA of Bordeaux, France. It is not derived from animals or bacteria.

Because of its stability within the body and non-toxicity, polyacrylamide has been used in medicine and the food industry for many years. It is also regularly used in lens implants, artificial tears, contact lenses and water and wine purification.

Whereas most polyacrylamides are insoluble and do not break down, OUTLINE has been made in such a way that it is broken down very slowly by tissue enzymes into smaller fragments of polyacrylamide and then removed completely from the body. This technology is the subject of a patent and allows OUTLINE to be used in all levels of the skin to achieve long-lasting, natural looking results.


OUTLINE works with the skin, it does not just fill it up. Because of its gentle positive charge, it attracts negatively-charged pro-collagen molecules right into the middle of the filler injection, just like a magnet. Once housed and protected by the OUTLINE, the pro-collagen molecules assemble into much-needed collagen and form part of your tissues. Once the positive charge has become equalled by the negative charge, the attraction stops. It is a self-limiting and predictable process. OUTLINE replaces lost tissue and provides the framework for new collagen assembly.


As with any filler treatment there may be slight redness and swelling, although this is normally short-lived and usually settles by the following day. There may be some bruising. Your aesthetic practitioner will advise you not to drink alcohol or to expose your face to UV light for the next 24 hours to speed up the recovery process. If you are having treatment to the lip area and have a history of cold sores your aesthetic practitioner will prescribe anti-viral medication to prevent a flare-up of cold sores, a well-known sequel to any trauma to the lips.You should expect a reduction of approximately one third of the volume as the product stabilises within the tissues. A second treatment at four weeks is recommended for the very best results.


The key to success for long-lasting dermal filler treatments is the way in which they are administered. Each aesthetic practioner using these products has been given personal training and advice by a manufacturer-accredited doctor or nurse practitioner who is already an experienced user of dermal fillers.Over 100,000 treatments have been performed worldwide.


An international prospective clinical evaluation of 2000 subjects has demonstrated the efficacy of OUTLINE in filling wrinkles and correcting facial contours. 93% Of INVESTIGATORS WERE SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTS


  • OUTLINE's exclusive formula stimulates the colonization of the implant by the soluble molecules of the tissues.
  • OUTLINE replaces the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM)and is perfectly integrated into the tissues.
  • This revolutionary mode of action sets OUTLINE apart from other dermal implants.
  • OUTLINE therefore minimizes the risk of foreign body reaction and of implant migration.

Manufactured in accordance with the most stringeant requirements of the pharmaceutical industry OUTLINE is manufactured under sterile conditions with high purity starting materials and contains no component of animal origin or derived from genetically modified organisms. ProCytech controls all the physicochemical parameters of the synthetic reactions.


To obtain the CE mark, ProCytech proved the biocompatibility and perfect safety of OUTLINE by series of tests: sensitization, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, chronic / sub-acute toxicity, acute toxicity,cytotoxicity, irritation, hemocompatibility, biodegradation, etc.

Additional tests in vivo demonstrated OUTLINE’s resorbability confirming results obtained in vitro. Absence of residual acrylamide monomers was proved by test carried out by an independant laboratory